Do I need planning approval? 

In 95% of cases planning approval is not required. If in the unusual event that it is necessary this is most likely due to a planning consent condition for the original premises. This can be clarified by referring to your deeds, lease or with your Local Authority Planning Department. 

Will I need Building Regulations approval?

In 99% of cases building regulations approval will be required. It will be necessary to make a submission to the Local Authority either directly or through an independent approved inspector ahead of starting any works.

Do I need my Landlords approval?

In 100% of cases, we would advise you to inform your landlord of the works you intend to carry out. We recommend that Building Regulations approval is obtained and forwarded to the landlord before starting any works.

Will a mezzanine affect my rateable value?

As a guide, a storage mezzanine does not attract a change to your rateable value, whereas a mezzanine floor for other uses sometimes can. Ultimately it will depend on your Local Authority's policy. 

Do I need my insurer's approval? 

We would advise you to consult with your insurers for advice on the level of fire protection they require. It may even be that an appropriate detection / protection system can beneficially affect your premiums. 

What services do I need to plan for?

A mezzanine floor will require lighting. emergency lighting, fire detection, staircases and statutory safety signage. 

Will a mezzanine floor require fire protection?

Subject to use, the size of the mezzanine and its size relative to the warehouse a mezzanine floor may require fire protection. Fire protection can come in physical form by way of column cladding and a suspended ceiling,  it can also be achieved with a sprinkler s

Will the Construction Design and Management 2015 regulations apply to the works ?

Projects lasting more than 30 days or involving more than 500 person days of construction work will require additional management duties and statutory notification to the HSE. 

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